At last, something new.
GN95 is Social Media network designed from the ground up to recognize content creators, promote positivity and safeguard privacy. You can post, blog, chat and direct message your friends over the Internet without all the annoying distractions, hateful content, bots, trackers, and irritating advertisements. GN95 strictly prohibits Ads, Spam, and Bots. Best of all, we don’t track or sell people out.
What makes GN95 different is our commitment to Content Creators and uniquely creative individuals like yourself. If you chose to become a GN95 Content Creator, you'll have access to the affiliate hub. This is the all-encompassing command center where you can create personalized links, monitor stats and check on your payouts. Check to see what's working and what isn't. If your goal is to make money from your Social Media account, GN95 has all of the tools and training to help you reach that upper echelon.
Make money simply by posting and sharing with your friends and followers. As you tell people about GN95 and they sign up, you receive half of their membership fees for life. This is a win-win for everyone. GN95 members get new, exclusive, unique, exciting, and amazing content.
GN95 Content Creators are rewarded for their cleaver, imaginative, visionary efforts.
Why should I sign-up?
Privacy - GN95 does not share, swap, transfer or sell your data to any third parties. We believe that your data is sacred, and it belongs to you. You created it, it’s yours.
No Trackers - GN95 does not track you, nor will it ever. It’s no one’s business where you go and where you’ve been. GN95 is currently web based and does not utilize any location identification services on your phone or computer.
No AI - GN95 does not use or plan on using any type of Artificial Intelligence to manipulate the Activity Stream by showing you content that we think you should see. The GN95 Activity Stream is 100% organic. Whatever your friends and family post is what you’ll see. Nothing more, nothing less.
No Ads - You heard that right. GN95 doesn’t display ads or allow members to display any type of advertisements on the Activity Stream or within their profile. GN95 was designed for people to share and communicate with each other. It’s annoying and distracting to see ads all over the sidebar and embedded within the content. Ads sucks, and they are strictly prohibited on GN95.
No Politics - This may be a deal breaker for some. If it is, sorry but GN95 might not be for you. Politics and the consistent barrage of news articles create division and a hostile environment. GN95 is about love, peace and harmony. To maintain this balance, politics, political news, political views, and all other divisive content is not allowed. We believe there should be at least one place you can go online to get away from those urgent, shocking, breaking news stories that no really cares about anyways.
No Bots or Business Accounts - GN95 is for the people, it’s for personal use only. Prohibiting business accounts helps us to cut down on annoying advertisements, gimmicks, scams and unwanted solicitations.
GN95 is a Paid Service - This is listed as a benefit and here’s why. With other social media sites anyone can sign up for a free account and immediately start sending out divisive content and spam. As soon as they’re caught and their account is deleted, they sign up for another one.
Having a monetary element helps to prevent people from doing this. GN95 offers a 30-day money back guarantee for anyone that uses the site. If you’re not happy for any reason you get your money back. We do not offer a refunds for anyone that blatantly violates our community standards and guidelines. This is especially true when it comes to spam and divisive content.
GN95 gives back to it's Members - When you sign up for GN95 you’ll have two options. You can select the standard membership account which is $2.00 a month or for $5.00 a month you can become a GN95 Content Creator. As a content creator you’ll earn half of all sign up and monthly membership fees for everyone you share GN95 with.
We all know that content creators put another of time and effort into their blog articles and videos. Instead of just giving that stuff away for free, which some of you probably are. We’ve created a way to make sure you’re taken care of for all that hard work.
We reward creativity.
The vision for GN95 is to foster a peaceful and positive Social Media network where you can share your experiences, adventures, stories, pictures, videos and other life events without unwanted distractions and hateful content. GN95 is a welcoming and inviting Social Media network that focuses on the brighter side of life.
GN95 is currently in the beta stage and we’re looking for 10,000 people to sign up to help us iron out some of the bugs and provide feedback about new features as they’re added. If you’re a trend setter, a person who always knows about new stuff before your friends, and if you’d like to be apart of GN95 from the very beginning, please sign up today.
As we all know, the best times of our lives are those moments shared with our friends and family. Spend more time interacting with your colleagues and loved ones without being tracked and monitored. Sign up today to discover the real difference.
"We're looking for Trendsetters!"
GN95 is currently looking for tech minded individuals, those who are normally ahead of their peers when it comes to discovering new technology and trends. We'd like for you to try out GN95 before the rest of the world discovers it. If you don’t mind a few missing features and the occasional issue as we continue working, please sign up and watch us grow.