I was being tracked in real-time by my cell phone. All of my web traffic was being recorded. All of my interactions with people over the Internet where being harvested, indexed and sold. A real-time database of my entire life had been assembled without my knowledge and it was owned by a group of global strangers.

When I finally faced these facts, I cancelled my free Social Media accounts and said f*ck it, I’ll create my own.

I immediately started working on GN95. A Social Media network that would be fully self-funded by its members. A network that doesn’t sell people out, because it doesn’t have to. A network that graciously gives back to all of its members and content creators. A network free of advertisements, distractions, religious fanatics and politics.

2 years later and we’ve arrived at today, April 20, 2020. Its my pleasure to bring you GN95 Beta, version 1.

Thanks for signing up. Together we’re going to take back our privacy and rights.


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