Since my last blog post in the Fall, I’ve spent pretty much every day working on improving the look, feel and functionality of GN95. The Blog section has been rethought and redesigned. I spent just about all of November updating the Activity Stream to give it a more modern and sleek design. This past week the welcome screen received a long overdue face lift.

As the site enhancements continue and the minor issues begin to dwindle, I’m faced with a mountain of back-end problems that I’ve been putting off simply because I don’t have the skill set to fix them. In an audiobook I recently listened too, they talked about how some of the biggest technology companies rely on Freelancers to help when times get tough.

Earlier this week I posted one of the issues that I’ve been struggling with on a Freelancing website and someone agreed to help out. With just 6 lines of code, the issue that has been plaguing GN95 for more than 2 years was instantly resolved. I really wanted to be able to design, development and implement GN95 all on my own.

Seeing how fast someone else was able to identify and resolve an issue that I’ve been spinning my wheels on was a real game changer. I have multiple issues and future enhancements that up to this point I’ve been working on with no luck. Over the next several months the plan is to continue outsourcing some of these larger issues so that I can focus on core updates and strategies for the future.

Once again thank you to everyone that is here during the beta phase helping me work through these issues and pointing out things that are broken or need improvement. The plan is to have the website and servers in a good place by April 2021. As of right now, we are still on schedule to begin the crowd sourcing efforts next Spring. The hope is to rise enough money for the development and roll out of the official GN95 app for iPhone and Android.

Thanks again for being here. It means a lot to me, J.C>

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