A slow and steady grind is the only way to summary the past year. April 20, 2021 marks one year of GN95 being online. Over the past year, the site has undergone a lot of updates and changes. The process to evolve and get better every day will never stop. On average, I invest over 40 hours a week working on the site.

I believe that GN95 is fully functional and ready for mainstream use. I’ve taken it as far as I can. The next step is to bring in some experts to help take this to the next level. As mentioned before, the current goal is to bring in around 10,000 people to help beta test the site. After we’ve worked through any remaining issues, a Kickstarter campaign will be launched to help take this platform to the next level.

I believe that we’ll need about $500,000 to upgrade the servers, increase the bandwidth and hire some full-time programmers to start working on the app and refresh the current website. The Kickstarter should also help to give us some much-needed media expose. I think once people discover GN95, they’ll come back to Social Media. Others will choose GN95 to get away from Big Tech’s ever reaching grip on their lives. GN95 doesn’t track people or sell data.

GN95 is a Social Media Network that promotes positivity and rewards creativity. We’re the first Social Media site designed from the ground up to give back to its members. On GN95 you can blog, post, share, chat and direct message your friends, family and followers online in a secure, private manner. GN95 thrives to be free from ads, bots, spam and all other annoying distractions.
Thanks to everyone that is already here. Let’s welcome all of the new members as they sign up in the coming months. Together we can build an online community of people sharing and posting and creating without all the negativity and divisiveness that tears us apart.

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