The GN95 Blog will play an essential role for attracting new members to the platform. As intelligent, thoughtful, and inspiring content creators like yourself add blog posts, your articles will be listed in all of the major search engines. As people discover your posts, you’ll have an opportunity to make money. For everyone that signs up for GN95 because of your blog post, you’ll earn half of their sign up and monthly membership fees.

Today I’m proud to announce the first meaningful overhaul of the blog directory and its overall functionality. There were multiple issues that have been corrected over the past 2 weeks. These updates and changes will help you to access the blog easier, navigate better and breathes some new life into what was a generic and basic design.

GN95 is always evolving. These recent updates are just the beginning. There are already additional enhancements in the works that will be rolled out over the next several weeks. To access the blog, simply type into any web browsers address bar or use the Blog button on the top and bottom menu once signed in.

GN95 will transition from Beta to Live in the coming months. Creating blog articles will be a great way for you to share your ideas, thoughts, inspirations, and creative ambitions with the world while benefiting financially. Anytime someone signs up for GN95 using your affiliate link, you earn half of their monthly membership fees. Once we are live, anytime someone on the Internet stumbles upon one of your blog articles, you’ll also earn half of their membership fees when they sign up.

Thanks again for being here, J.C>

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