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GN95 is a Private Social Media platform that allows you to make money while maintaining your online privacy. Interact with friends and followers in a secure environment where you're in complete control.

The cost is $10.00 to join, then $2.00/month.

Your GN95 profile acts as an affliate link. Whenever a visitor arrives at GN95 using a link you sent them, you are automatically given a portion of thier monthly subcription fee. You'll earn $1.00/mo for everyone you sign up.

There are no caps on the amount of money you can make sharing your GN95 profile, posts and pages.

No, but there is a way to use GN95 at no cost to you. After signing up for an account, visit the Promos page under the Followers sections to obtain your unique affiliate link. Sign up 2 or more of your friends and you’re essentially using GN95 for free.

GN95 is funded by our members. That funding helps to keep the network completely ad-free.

GN95 does not share, trade or sell your information, or information about you to any 3rd parties.

From the Activity Stream, locate the Create a Blog Post button or click here to get started. Creating blog posts is a great way to make money. As people find your blog posts in the search engines, you'll earn $1.00/mo for everyone that sign ups becuase of your post.

Use the Block button on the members' profile page or contact support using the contact form below.

From the Home Page click on Create an Account or use the following link to visit the registration page.

To help keep GN95 free of spam and unsolicited offers, business accounts are not allowed.

When you delete a post, picture, blog post or an account its gone for ever. GN95 does not retain any data that has been marked for deletion.

Log into GN95 and click on the avatar located in the top-right corner to bring up the menu. Next click on Privacy, then Delete Account. An account that has been deleted cannot be retrieved.

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