Hi, I'm GN95
GN95 a brand-new Private Social Media Network that promotes positivity and rewards creativity. We’re the first network designed from the ground up to give back to its members. On GN95 you can post, share, chat and DM your friends and followers in a secure, private environment.
GN95 is free from ads, bots, spam and other annoying distractions. We believe there should be at least one place on the Internet you can go without all of negativity and divisiveness. GN95 members are encouraged to post and share the finer things in life instead of focusing on the bad.
There are a lot of good things that go on in the world and GN95 helps you share those moments with the people that mean the most to you.
On April 20, 2020, was made available for friends and family only. With 25 people actively using the site, development continued. On April 20, 2021, GN95 was made available to the search engines, entered its second beta stage and is now open to the public for a limited time.
Once we hit 10,000 members, we’ll be shutting down registration as we gear up for the third and final beta stage. Join the first class of GN95 members today by signing up. With a money back guarantee you can only gain from this. Sign up today and I’ll add you as my friend. Thx, /jcrb